Another new vid! I dish out some cool Disney trivia.

Learn a thing or two!


some lil macs

new art/main blog

The Star Fox Team

new main/art blog!

My art! Follow my new main blog!

My place in the community now

ok so I’ve been thinking about this tumblr situation a lot and how, though I’m not directly affected by anything, I’m very uncomfortable with the state of this community and the general content creator community I’ve been a part of for 4 years. I can’t guarantee that I’m going to follow through with this but I think I might stick to posting on plantrobot and create a new art blog separate from this main blog so I can completely reconstruct my dash and everything. Anyway, if you want to for sure stay involved with what I’m doing, hit me up or like this post and I’ll message you when I create my new art blog. I might post it here later but idk. 




watch the first minute or two and then skip to 10 minutes holyshit i am pissing myself

Watch this and don’t skip anything. Is you a man or a mouse?

Just to emphasize- The adventure of this video is watching ALL of it without skipping. It is an unforgettable ride.